Get hold of the summer 2016 footwear trend with

Initially introduced for rendering protection to your feet; shoes have now taken over a major portion of your intricate fashion statement. In the ancient days; people dint not recognize the importance of shoes to a very high extent even from fashion viewpoint. With the globalization era; where fashion has become the most concerning aspect of life, shoes have taken over an important place in your wardrobe. Dwelling in this modern era; you cannot just miss out any chance of grabbing the latest footwear fashion making your feet look glamorous and the best complimenting your apparel. Summer 2016 is in and it is time for a flow of new fashion in the footwear world to add a newer dimension to your look.

Chained shoes set a new trend

Women are the ones who are especially eager to get hold of the new launch. Catering to their needs; brings in the summer 2016 footwear series. Talking about the new fashion trend witnessed in this year; designers have been encountered working most on the chained shoes which has marked itself as the fashion for the year. A lot of chains have been used in designed these types of sandals and looks explicitly beautiful; especially those chunkier, blacker and bolder ones. These chained shoes look as if the Goth and the punk have got mixed to give the customers hand with some flattering and comfortable plain footwear. The golden chain version has also marked its look in the crisscross version. -3

Back to the footwear fashion of 80s with buckle and studs

Studs and buckles have been used in designing shoes even in the early 80s. The summer 2016 trend has brought back that old footwear fashion which was also considered the sexiest of those days. They do not belong only to a specific category of shoes as these studs and buckles have been used for giving those boring platforms, gladiators and sandals an interesting and bold look. Silver is also floating every year in the summer/spring 2016 footwear fashion. From kitten heels to booties; you can find silver all around giving a new look to your footwear ranges. Getting awed by these design concepts? is the best online footwear site to explore a wholesome range of this new trend set in the footwear world.




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