How Does The Online Shoe Company Assist Their Customers


These days the online shopping destinations pose a tough competition to each other. One has to put up ideas which definitely keeps it an inch ahead of its competitors. Keeping that in mind, each of the online shopping destination does design their own policies. Along with that they do line up some extra information which will actually help the customer before purchasing any item. Just check out what information they do provide you?

  • Detail about the product:

A reputed online shoe shop will always give you a comprehensive detail about the product. Like they will guide you on the price, will describe the whole item. Along with that will notify you with product’s availability as well. For more details you can catch up the displays there you will get a good idea about the product.They do showcase products with great preciseness and accuracy in terms of the colors.It is true that inaccuracy can be there in the product, but a renowned online shoe company will always try to resolve that. In addition to that, they do list out those products which are presently unavailable.

  • Informs you regrading the cancellation of the product:

Now it is completely the call of the online shoe company to refuse or accept or cancel any particular order. Now they can do so without showing any specific cause. At the same time, they do solely bear the responsibility of doing so. One more thing you should see that if by a chance a particular amount gets deducted from your credit card and later if you cancel the product. The company bears the commitment to pay back the whole amount.

  • Knowing about the return policies:

A well known shoe company offers VIP membership schemes where you can enjoy exclusive collections. But at the same time, they can return some other items as well but specifically within fifteen days of the delivery date. For that you have to contact the customer care team and get the RMA number. But make sure that you should return that in a properly packed box only.

These are the ways the best online shoe company assists their customers.


Get hold of the summer 2016 footwear trend with

Initially introduced for rendering protection to your feet; shoes have now taken over a major portion of your intricate fashion statement. In the ancient days; people dint not recognize the importance of shoes to a very high extent even from fashion viewpoint. With the globalization era; where fashion has become the most concerning aspect of life, shoes have taken over an important place in your wardrobe. Dwelling in this modern era; you cannot just miss out any chance of grabbing the latest footwear fashion making your feet look glamorous and the best complimenting your apparel. Summer 2016 is in and it is time for a flow of new fashion in the footwear world to add a newer dimension to your look.

Chained shoes set a new trend

Women are the ones who are especially eager to get hold of the new launch. Catering to their needs; brings in the summer 2016 footwear series. Talking about the new fashion trend witnessed in this year; designers have been encountered working most on the chained shoes which has marked itself as the fashion for the year. A lot of chains have been used in designed these types of sandals and looks explicitly beautiful; especially those chunkier, blacker and bolder ones. These chained shoes look as if the Goth and the punk have got mixed to give the customers hand with some flattering and comfortable plain footwear. The golden chain version has also marked its look in the crisscross version. -3

Back to the footwear fashion of 80s with buckle and studs

Studs and buckles have been used in designing shoes even in the early 80s. The summer 2016 trend has brought back that old footwear fashion which was also considered the sexiest of those days. They do not belong only to a specific category of shoes as these studs and buckles have been used for giving those boring platforms, gladiators and sandals an interesting and bold look. Silver is also floating every year in the summer/spring 2016 footwear fashion. From kitten heels to booties; you can find silver all around giving a new look to your footwear ranges. Getting awed by these design concepts? is the best online footwear site to explore a wholesome range of this new trend set in the footwear world.



Shopping Shoes Online From

You might have purchased shoes from any online store but Shoesfashion360 is a way ahead in its service and the quality of shoes provided by them. Believe it or not shoes are an important style statement that enhance your looks. A well dressed man looks weired if he did not put on the right shoes, so is a lady. People gets puzzled while making the right selection for shoes for office and casual purpose. Shoesfashion360 has a massive collection of well designed shoes meant for all aged group people from kids, young boys and girls and older men and women. These shoes are designed with consideration of updated trends in the fashion catering the needs of customers. The USP of shoesfashion360 is that it has wide range of luxury pair of shoes that matches to the requirements of the elite groups as well, these luxury shoes are prepared by highly skilled designers and footwear engineers, moreover the materials used in the construction are genuine and though that makes it more durable and strong. Luxury shoes are always praised for its decent and classic looks, but Shoesfashion360 not only offers shoes with top notch aesthetics but these products also wins the true by its quality.


Although these are luxury shoes but can be used for other purposes also, like for your casual wearings and meetings. Shoesfashion360 offers the ideal pair of shoes, and the features include thicker cushioning at the heels, expandable sides, light weighted, and strong material constructions.

How To Shop Shoes From Shoesfashion360?

The concept is unique and quite different from the shopping procedure of any other ecommerce site. Here the registered customers are actually subscribed members who can enjoy all membership for maximum of six months continuously. To become a VIP member, first you need to register an account with them which is absolutely free. The minimum investment from your side would be $5.99 in which you will get fourteen days of free membership.

shoes -fashion in group

Under this plan you utilize the trial use beneits according to which you can try out any item before making purchase. The shipping will be free too. If you got satisfied with the customers you can upgrade to the six month plan by making a small membership charge of $98.00. The especiality about this plan is, on every thirty days one customize item will be shipped to you as trial item. Shoesfashion360 has thousands of verified customers and the number is increasing rapidly, no doubt they are happy with their services. After 180 days you need to renew the membership to avail further benefits. Once you enter in its VIP Club, you will have the access of its large repository of luxury shoes.

Footwear styling with Shoefashion360

Shoe makes a man is a common saying that you might be familiar with. Shoes that were primarily designed for protecting your feet have now taken a prominent place for complimenting your outfit. It is important to share the equal importance that you render to your apparel with your footwear fashion. Perfect footwear shall add on to your social stature and class. This is equally applicable for both the sexes. A mismatch between your shoes and outfit, is enough to turn down your entire look for the day making you the object of discussion for the critics; present at all the parties and events.


Footwear line for Men and Women

It is very important to make the perfect selection of shoes to make your look attractive enough to drag the attention of the onlookers. Shoefashion360 has taken the responsibility to décor your look with its extensive collection of casual, sporty and formal footwear for both men and women.  In the men’s line, you have the casual footwear which can pass well as Dress shoes. Both the laced and unlaced loafers and Ankle boots fall in this category. These shoes are best for travelling because of it easy flip flop use. For those looking for some unique style, nothing can be better than Monk Straps. Also in this collection, are the Wingtips that come with a portion of leather which looks like stretched wings in the front part of the shoe and Cap Toes which comes with an extra leather layer in the front shoe portion as well.  For women, who are always keen to grab something that will make them look more  glamorous extending their beauty, footwear collection for them has got Stilettos, Pump Heels, Sandals to compliment Informal party look; Wedges, Sneakers, and Kittoes for casual and pump boots for formal wear.

Get registered and enjoy Trial

After making a relevant study of footwear craze among the recent generation, shoefashion360 has designed and crafted each of their products from finely produced leather and raw material that are durable and weather resistant. Customers enjoy the benefit of being registered with the service and take a trial use of the shoes for 14 days, after which upon their use, they can use it making the payment or can return back by contacting the customer service center which is open 24*7 to help them in the transaction.

Different Types of Shoes Available for Men s Online

An ideal method to express you better is as simple as putting on the right set of footwear. A guy could be selective when choosing his footwear because these come in variations. He is able to choose a set of footwear which may be associated with a style or season. Make sure to think about comfort while selecting footwear on your own. If you wish to remain in fashion then it is always good that you should choose footwear which is stylish and comfy too. You will find many reputed brands available for sale offering male’s footwear. Based on your style and personality you can buy the footwear. Some common type of male’s footwear is referred to below.



Men clog footwear

This footwear are close toes footwear with generally a wood sole and heels not greater than 2 “.The majority of the males clogs footwear have returned less. Nowadays, male’s clogs footwear are highly commonly. Actually, the recognition of from the male’s clogs footwear has arrived at more recent levels. Many celebs happen to be caught flaunting clogs footwear. This footwear could be worn without or with sock. You’re going to get number of designs in clogs footwear to select from. Those are the preferred footwear for males. These footwear don’t have any laces causing them to be straight forward shoes with don’t worry. The initial style of loafer’s footwear is totally suitable for most clothes. The look selection of loafers footwear doesn’t have limits, thus you’re going to get lots of options to select from.

Formal footwear

Formal footwear for men s is great option for formal occasion, wedding events, engagement parties and company events. Formal footwear for males is constructed with materials for example leather, suede and fabric. You’re going to get quite a number of designs in formal footwear for males to select from. Range from the style, manufacturer, color and all sorts of additional information that causes it to be more desirable. Include the kind of material and heel height. The greater your customer knows, the greater the opportunity to sell marketing. You’ll have the ability to offer a multitude of footwear and designs to clients around the world. However, you have to have the ability to differentiate yourself in the relaxation from the competition.